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After walking through new neighborhoods in the city, I kept writing down the names of restaurants and shops that I wanted to look up once I got home, but that quickly turned into a mess. When people put the word "(your city) chiropractic" into Google, what every chiropractor wants is for their practice to be the top one that pops up on that searcher's local business map. Getting your chiropractic listing ranked first on Google Places (formerly Google Maps) is certainly an attainable goal.

Here are six tips that you can use in your business listing to ensure that your office finds its way to the top for maximum exposure. When you're planning a trip to new location or trying to find a restaurant in a city you already live in, all you have to do is open your map, see what you have starred, and make sure you hit it up when you're there. When I recently spent a weekend in Boston, I made sure to visit all of the places I had saved (including the famous Acorn Street) and even added new stars for the next time I head to the city.

My saved places extend all over the world. In February, they launched "Google Traffic" for maps of 30 major cities and displayed subway stops and buildings for major cities like New York City, Washington DC and London. The year 2007 was noteworthy for the Google Maps enterprise. Use each of the six tips above to access the power of this feature to get more new patients monthly. Your Google business listing can be utilized to ensure that you garner hits, raising your search engine rankings and making your business pop-up on that prominent Google map.

The great thing about Google Places is that people will find your chiropractic practice instantly and fast. I had mapped out sights I wanted to see and places I wanted to eat while leaving here, but I quickly began to lose track of where I had been and where I still wanted to go. When I first moved to New York City in October of 2015, it was the first time I was going to be living in a large city for more than a few months. Each one of your press releases, articles, blogs, photos, citations from other authority sites, etc.

should have a link to your Google business listing. Whatever and wherever you post something related to your business, you want to make sure that it links back to Google. Hopefully this sets the scene, Google is fighting a war against spammers. Google also searches to penalise sites that use spammer techniques to get ahead. It wants sites that contain good relevant content. On your Google map, you will see an icon for a landmark and as you scroll over that landmark, you will get a thumbnail-sized photo of that destination.

As you may have noticed, Google Maps recently began incorporating content from Wikipedia, a popular encyclopedia type site that includes user-contributed, verifiable content. Web users can plot out street maps for walking, biking, driving or taking public transit. They can also search local businesses or international businesses based on location in a certain city or proximity to a current location. Google Maps is a free mapping application found online.

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