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Amazing quality genuine restaurants that serve a delightful foreign cuisine are few and far between and how many inferior quality restaurants is greatly outnumbering the good. Many of the fundamental services that you expect a restaurant to provide on a night out are no more existent.

Yet, James Kinniburgh & Steve Shaw are two colleagues who have entered into Somerset Restaurant collectively forming LDB Limited - 'Los Dos Bandidos Limited' in 2005. Created as a restaurant over 20 years past it's proving to be one of the South West and Taunton's most popular Mexican Restaurants.

The service is private and professional, the food is flavorful and great value for money and your entire evening can be enjoyed in an ambient, feeling that is real.

That is an extensive excellent menu available at 'The Old Mexican', and also a fully accredited pub company with a big range of Wines, Beers and Spirits.

The restaurant is situated in a suitable central location in the charming market town in Somerset that was sunny. If you fancy dining in the finest Mexican Restaurant in Somerset, please see their web site now.

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